Monday, August 13, 2012

Sisters, Showrooms and Love

Recently my sister and I enjoyed a super fabulous day touring and shopping at some of the beautiful interior design showrooms in New York City.  My sister Susie lives out of town in Providence, Rhode Island, and I live on Long Island in New York.  I had wanted to take her on a showroom tour for a very long time but busy lives and long distances made it difficult.  The day finally came together though with a very last minute decision (the night before) to meet at 9:00 a.m. at Penn Station.  But, where to meet in Penn Station?  “Meet me at the imaginary round information booth that used to be there.”  “Okay.”  Susie got on a train at 5:30 a.m. and headed for New York (what an awesome sister)!  At exactly 9:00 a.m. we were face to face and hugging it out, while swarms of commuters were racing to their jobs around us.  First things first though – some coffee talk and then a quick subway ride to Union Square to Judy Ross Textiles to see her gorgeous line of embroidered pillows.  We loved every beautiful color combination and design.  Judy was actually a classmate of mine during our textile design days at F.I.T.  Susie and I enjoyed hearing Judy’s story of her textile career success.  I couldn’t leave without purchasing her decorative Acrobat and Fauna pillows for my own home.  (Yay!).  Pictured below.
Acrobat in cream/lime/oyster
Fauna in cream/lime/oyster

Next, a quick cab ride over to the New York Design Center (NYDC) at Lexington and 33rd Street, but first some Chinese Food for lunch and more talk.  Then, for the next three hours at the NYDC we enjoyed one beautiful showroom after another, just to name a few – Baker Knapp & Tubbs, ArteriorsApropos, Global Views, Hickory Chair, Niermann WeeksCouture, Kravet Fabrics, Henredon, and some delicious chocolate chip cookies at Korts & Knight's gorgeous and aromatic kitchen showroom, and then some refreshing drinks and hospitality courtesy of Walter Van Der Wahl at The Bright Group.  It is SO easy, convenient and fun to be able to go from one magnificent design showroom to another with just the touch of a button on the elevator.  This is definitely my kind of fun.  After showing Susie around most of the NYDC we had dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant and of course more talk.  A brisk walk across town brought us back to Penn Station where we said our good-byes and hugged it out again before we both rode our respective 7:45 p.m. trains back to our homes (she had a longer ride than I did).  What a day!  We made it happen, and we will always remember our special day of Sisters, Showrooms and Love.  I have the best sister in the entire world, love her (except for your own sister, of course).  Have a colorful day!  Nanette

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