Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Project Design 2013

This past weekend I had the opportunity to see a recently completed charitable design project at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.  As you may know, the Ronald McDonald House is a place where families of seriously ill children can find a warm and comforting environment to stay, while maintaining close proximity to the hospital and their children -- so important.  Since it first opened, the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island has grown from an 18-bedroom home to an expanded 42-bedroom home with numerous common living spaces, kitchens and laundry facilities.  Recently, an incredible initiative called Project Design 2013 focused on decorating and beautifying many of the bedrooms and common areas for the families.  The Project was primarily led by (amazing company) Kravet Fabrics as well as designer Anthony Baratta. Joining them were some of the industry's most charitable, talented and well-known designers, and their generous vendors and contractors (NARI).  The House was open to the public for a brief 3 days this past weekend to view these beautiful spaces.  As you will see, the end result was absolutely spectacular and for SUCH A GOOD CAUSE!!!   I can't think of a better place for a "showhouse" to have taken place.  The installations are permanent! The following images are only some of the spaces in the house (regrets that I could not capture and show all), and will give you an idea of how special these spaces are and how hard the designers worked to enhance and give beauty and comfort to the lives of families in need.  I applaud all involved in this project for their hard work and generosity.  Inspiring. 
 Three photos of the Great Room by Anthony Baratta


Four photos of the Kitchen by Margreet Cevasco


Three photos of Family Guest Room 216 by Michael Tavano -- WOW



Two photos of Family Guest Room 101 by Jennifer Mehditash


 One Photo of Family Guest Room 215 by Meg Braff

 One Photo of Family Guest Room 213 by Amanda Nisbet

 Three photos of the Mets Room by Matthew Patrick Smyth


Three photos of Family Guest Room 210 by Anne and Gail Tarasoff 


 Three photos of Family Guest Room 222 by Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler

And my companions...
My Kids!  Happy and Thankfully Healthy.


If you would like to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, please click HERE.
I hope you enjoyed this look at Project Design 2013 at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.  As always, feel free to leave a comment below, share this post with your friends or contact me via the contact tab above if you need design assistance. Have a colorful day! Nanette

Thursday, August 1, 2013

OMG I Saw Jonathan Adler at JCP!

Hi everyone, well actually I didn't see THE Jonathan Adler at JCPenney, but I did see his Happy Chic brand!  Very recently Jonathan Adler and JCPenney teamed up, and JCPenney is NOW carrying a very large selection of Jonathan Adler's products.  Here's Jonathan's video to tell you all about it.  Why do I think this is a great thing?  Because Jonathan Adler has 25 fantastic stores in major metropolitan areas (love his colorful stores), but JCPenney has 1,100 stores! So if you can't get to one of Jonathan's stores and want to see his actual products in person, now you have the opportunity to do so -- just head to your nearest JCPenney and you can purchase on the spot, and chances are there will be a great sale going on and you will receive great value! 

Fun Fact:  You know Jonathan Adler started his career as a Potter creating his wares.  But did  you know that it all started when his parents bought him his first Potter's Wheel as his Bar Mitzvah present when he was just 13?  Nice going parents, I love that!!!  And congrats to Jonathan on the success of his brand.

Here are some of the colorful vignettes and fun products I saw yesterday.  Check out all of the fresh furniture with beautifully colored lacquer finishes, and all of the fabulous patterns and accessories.  I took so many photos, this doesn't even cover it all!!!  Enjoy!







I want this blue vase and that Greek Key thingy it's resting on!  Faves!










This is SO true, "If You Love It Like Crazy, It Will Work!"
And you know how much I love Color.
P.S.  Many of these items would make great gifts!
I hope you enjoyed this look at Jonathan Adler's products at JCPenney.  You can find these great products/pricing and more right HERE.  As always, feel free to leave a comment below, share this post with your friends or contact me via the contact tab above if you need design assistance. Have a colorful day! Nanette 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thank You Note!

Last week I attended Blogfest 2013 for the first time -- a conference for interior design bloggers, organized and sponsored primarily by Kravet Fabrics and HGTV Magazine.  When I first started my blog last summer, I felt a lot of reluctance about it for various reasons, but for the first time, as I sat in HGTV's beautifully decorated space (no surprise) for the Blogfest luncheon and presentation at the top of Hearst Tower, I had a BIG moment come over me when I felt SO glad that I had started my blog!  I loved being there meeting so many fellow creative design types all dressed up with somewhere good to go, and I also greatly appreciated the way we were transported around NYC from place to place in the comfort of some comfy tour buses (refreshments included!).  (Definitely beats the subway)!  We started out at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House (breakfast graciously sponsored by Doodle Home, thank you) and saw some fabulous designer spaces, pictured below.  Next, we headed to Hearst Tower where Kravet's Beth Greene welcomed us, HGTV's Dan Fuchs and Sara Peterson gave us some interesting info about HGTV Magazine and its tremendous success, and Designers Thom Filicia (looking suave in his blue jacket) and Alexa Hampton were so interesting and entertaining.  To keep it brief, I had a great time, and I'm SO glad I was there.  Thank you to Scott Kravet (I'm happy I got to sit at your table), Jennifer Powell (for keeping us updated), and HGTV Magazine for organizing and hosting this great event!  Here are some of my favorite images from my time at Blogfest 2013. 

Some of my favorite Kips Bay Decorator Show House Rooms

3 Photos of the Drawing Room by Gomez Associates


 3 Photos of the Sitting Room by Barbara Ostrom Associates
 1 Photo of Veritas Room by Dineen Architecture + Design PC
2 Photos of La Petite Writing Room by Stephen Mooney Interiors
1 Photo of the Family Lounge by Eve Robinson Associates Inc.

At Hearst Tower
 The magnificent view of Central Park (little bit cloudy though,).
 Tables Were So Pretty! 
 Editor-in-Chief Sara Peterson
HGTV Loves Bloggers!
 Designer Thom Filicia
 The Panel
 Publisher Daniel Fuchs
That's "Me in the Middle" with my new friends Joanne and Matt!
 Hearst Tower Atrium - Great Space!
Thank you for a great and inspiring time Blogfest 2013 sponsors! .As always, feel free to leave a comment below, share this post with your friends or contact me via the contact tab above if you need design assistance. Have a colorful day!  Nanette