Monday, April 29, 2013

Chic Little Office -- Get The Look!

Would you like this Chic Little Office designed by "moi"?
Thanks to Zinc Door and Layla Grayce (two sites I can't get enough of),
You can "Get the Look" (see below).
Hope you liked my Chic Little Office!  By the way, the blue paint color is Benjamin Moore's Classic Colors "Warm Spring No. 682".  Feel free to leave a comment below, share this post with your friends or contact me via the contact tab above if you need design assistance.   Have a colorful day!  Nanette

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vacations, Lounge Chairs, and Z Gallerie

I feel extremely lucky to go on at least one very nice vacation with my husband and two kids each year. We usually stay at our Marriott 2-bedroom 2-bath apartment timeshare -- absolute luxury, excellent service and, in my opinion, the ONLY way to travel as a family, that is if you want complete comfort, spaciousness and a place to put all your "stuff" including provisions in an amazing kitchen!  But last year we had to cancel a reservation which put a penalty on our account, making it frustratingly impossible for us to get the week we wanted this year -- the dreaded Spring Break. We decided to go to Phoenix and stay at the Arizona Grand Resort, a resort we were unfamiliar with, but we got a 1-bedroom suite and they have a big water park so it seemed like a good choice. Upon our arrival, that excited feeling that you get when you first see your accommodations sunk fast when there was a plate of smashed up food on a tray on the ground in front of our room (dud music playing wa wa wah). The suite was "eh". Then we explored the water park which could not have been more crowded, teeming with a million kids. I have kids but I don't want to be around THAT many kids, especially other people's. The next day, our first full day of the trip, we couldn't get a single lounge chair because we didn't know the drill and had foolishly eaten breakfast first: too late! The only way to get some chairs was to make a big angry fuss to the manager. The day after that my daughter and I went out at 8:15 a.m. before breakfast to see a line forming at the water park, which would open at 9:30, so we stood there on line for 75 minutes till it opened and then my speedy daughter made a run for it with the 4 towels and got some good chairs, while my husband and son were enjoying a leisurely breakfast without us. The water park was fun but we decided to check out of that hotel after 3 days and head to the Hyatt in Scottsdale for the second half of the week. Now we would all be squashed in one room together with our stuff. We asked what the lounge chair situation was like, "Ya gotta get out there early." The next morning my husband got up at 6:30, got dressed, got the 4 lounge chairs, came back to the room, got undressed, got back into bed, fell back asleep and actually started snoring! We had a nice day. The next morning I woke up at 7:30 and our room was completely dark, I panicked -- the lounge chairs! I poked my sleeping husband and said, "it's 7:30, what about the lounge chairs?" He said, "I got them already." (Kinda funny). Vacations are work, there's no rest for the weary.  I'm writing this on our flight home; we had an ok time, but my two bright spots of our trip were (1) watching my fearless 13-yr.-old daughter go straight down the 7-story water slide (Wo, how is she MY offspring?) and (2) stumbling upon a ZGallerie (heavenly music playing laaaaaa!) at a really nice mall in Scottsdale. We don't have ZGallerie in New York (we gotta get one!). The only other one I've ever been to was in Newport, California. I enjoyed a quiet leisurely morning to myself wandering around one of my favorite stores, which I will share with you here. Thank you ZGallerie for my Scottsdale vacation BRIGHT SPOT (alone time)!
Oh, and here's the water slide!
I hope you enjoyed this tour of ZGallerie.  Feel free to leave a comment below, share this post with your friends or contact me via the contact tab above if you need design assistance. Have a colorful day and I hope you had a good Spring Break also!  Nanette